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Elk Splits Rack Snack Elk Antler Chew, LARGE (7-10 in)

Chasing Our Tails

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Change up your pup's chewing routine with USA Antlers Elk Splits Rack Snack Elk Antler Chews and do no harm! These exceptional, sink-your-teeth-worthy antlers are 100% naturally shed and feature the most marrow down the length of the antler. No animals were hunted or farmed to bring this chew into your routine! The all-natural chews are a fantastic source of calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium, which can help prevent tartar just as much as healthy chewing habits. Best of all, elk antlers don't typically chip, splinter or peel as a cooked bone can, so they're safer for your beloved pet's digestive track. If your dog likes to chew and destroys toys, these antlers can help curb that natural urge to chew and encourage healthy habits—such as munching on antlers and sparing your favorite shoes.

Key Benefits:

  • These naturally-shed antler splits expose the marrow down the length of the antler, giving your pet immediate chewing satisfaction.
  • Antlers are unlikely to split or chip like other bones, making them a safer chew.
  • May be used indoors because there's no odor, fat or greasy mess for you to clean up.
  • Substantial source of calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium for tartar control.
  • No two antlers are the same, so your dog will feel like she's getting something new every time